Tips & Hacks

TIP #1

HAIR WE GO: Our ALL/HAIR Trio as a routine hair regimen can help restore your natural curls. So many of us love to straighten our hair, (which this trio is amazing for as well but let's focus on the curls) only to realize that our natural curl pattern is well, not quite what we were looking for when we decided to hold off on the heat and wear our naturally curly hair.  

With superior hydration, strengthening and softening properties, the ALL/HAIR Trio can help restore your pattern and get your curls back on track when used in this order.

1. Wash hair using COME THRU Daily Shampoo

2. Condition hair using UNDER 1 CONDITION Daily Conditioner

3. Apply and work ALL/SET Leave-In Conditioner into damp hair

Style as desired and let hair air dry, set under a hair dryer or blow dry.

Get our ALL/HAIR Trio and allow your natural curl pattern to return while your hair is being nourished, protected from UV rays and breakage along the way.