About COA

COA noun | pronounced \CO-WAH\: Inspired by brave, bold and fearless warriors.

COA is a unisex personal care brand that provides luxury, unisex, multi-functional, products for ALL. COA is an inter-generational brand for those that go beyond the trend and are self defining. Our promise is to provide cleaner functional products that effortlessly inspire those that want to look and feel their best everyday by enhancing their own daily routine.

COA believes in respecting the environment and caring for each other just as we should care for ourselves. In an effort to do our part, COA packaging is recyclable, eco-friendly and we created the #CoaForGiving initiative to assist in providing education and personal care products for individuals in underserved communities. Our products are always vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free and aim to make self-care a priority through quality personal care for ALL.


Our Story

Meet Danielle

Meet Danielle

I’m a California girl with a love for the sun, business and knowing what’s going on in the world. My life is defined by my determination to make a difference in the spaces where I know I can create change. Being a mother, entrepreneur, active member in my community and a woman that cares about what makes me feel healthy, happy, beautiful and free, it’s my wish for everyone to share in that space. I created the COA brand to help others do just that. I believe the road to feeling our best starts at home with self-care and the products we use to help us get there.


I created the COA (pronounced: CO-WAH) brand as a result of wanting to do better for myself, my family, friends and community. Prior to having my son, (which the brand is named after and inspired by brave, bold and fearless warriors) I began to understand more and more about what self-care truly meant. For me, it was finding time for myself which prompted me to become more intentional about my daily personal care routine. Really embracing the moment and preparing myself for the day. That time allowed me the space to accomplish all the things I wanted to throughout day. Additionally, I learned more about how different ingredients and chemicals can affect our health and increase our toxic load. Meaning, the products we ingest or that are absorbed by our largest organ, our skin, can increase our toxicity levels dramatically. And, with little to no oversight or regulation, I started thinking about all the products I personally used in my daily routine like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, hair styling products, make-up, toothpaste etc. If all those products have several harmful chemicals, my toxic load must be pretty high before I even get the day started and head out into the environment, which is an entirely different aspect to consider. Well, I'm a firm believer in, if you knew better, you would do better.


My desire to do better led me to become considerate about products for myself and my family. It also made the activist in me want to do something about it. I liked the idea of cleaner products and I also wanted to feel the performance. I wanted luxury products that could lighten the load and perform well.


I just kept thinking about how I could do my part by creating cleaner, multi-functional products for everyone. With being cleaner, we could reduce the toxic load, being multi-functional would decrease exposure by reducing the number of daily products used and being unisex would make it available for ALL. 


Totally inspired, here comes COA. Plain and simple, in black and white, a way to provide cleaner, multi-functional, luxury, unisex personal care for ALL.  I come from a very diverse family so it was important to provide products that were inclusive and worked well for everyone. High end formulations for ALL skin and hair types. I wanted products that ALL my friends and family could use with confidence and I wanted the look and feel of the brand to be clean, simple, modern and something that everyone would feel comfortable using, sharing and talking about.  


The COA brand and what it stands for aligns with who I am as a person, echoes my love for community and I'm excited for us ALL to take this personal care journey together.


With Gratitude,